Friday, September 12, 2014

TDN Newsletter: 9-12-14

September 24, 2014

Dear Gardening Friends,
Happy Fall!!  The nights (if not the days, yet!) are getting cooler and the days shorter.  I always say this is a short season, but if we start now, we can easily do a couple rounds of all our Fall favorites before it’s Tomato Time again.  We’re planting out some of our first Kales, Broccoli, Cauliflowers and Collards in the garden today.
We’re still harvesting Summer, too; the second set of Tomatoes are producing, and we’re still getting some Cucumbers and Beans.  We harvested a big Smart Pot of Yukon Gold Potatoes last week and today the last of the Sugar Baby Watermelons.  The garden looks like heck, but I know in a month, everything will be new again!

Glass Gem “Grandbabies”!
The Glass Gem Popcorn we grew this Summer from seeds saved from our initial planting last year turned out great! I didn’t know what to expect since we did all that hand-pollinating, but the ears were amazingly colorful.  It was supremely gratifying to see the second generation results! I hope those of you who grew it from our seedlings this year had fun.
Garlic and Shallots...
We just received our Garlic and French Red Shallots, and oh boy, are they big and wonderful this year!  I’ve already chosen ours, and with the help of my Mama and her Caregiver, we got them all bagged up and ready to come to the Markets this weekend!!  Remember, they are always one-time ordering for me, so don’t miss out!!
Important Dates & Updates!

So speaking of the Markets… here are some important dates:

We WILL be in both our Markets THIS weekend,
 September 27 & 28th.

Then we’re leaving for Argentina for Alex’s Mom’s 80th Birthday…
he’ll be gone 2 weeks, but I’m only going for 1 week…
I haven’t been in over 8 years, and I love my “Suegra”!!

So we will NOT be in either Market
for two weeks straight,

October 4th, 5th, 11th & 12th.




However, we’ve decided to expand our Annual Fall Kick-Off Sale to the whole weekend of October 11th and 12th, here at our home-based Nursery.

Come either day, bring your gardening friends, and enjoy a 10% discount on absolutely everything. We’ll be open from 10am until 3pm.

Then we’re back on our regular Market Schedule starting October 18th & 19th.

P.S. Head’s Up, La Canada Customers: starting October 4th, the Farmers Market is moving across the street to Memorial Park for a couple months. We don’t know yet where our tents will be situated, but we have asked to have a curb-side location like we currently have, so we can easily load up your soils, trees, EarthBoxes, etc!!

Speaking of Trees...

Finally, the Little Cado (true dwarf Avocado) RETURNS!!  We’ll have them this weekend!  YAY, we’ve missed them!!!
Fully Updated Fall Page...
With the awful heatwave we just had, we took a “soft launch” approach to Fall seedlings, so not 100% of everything is available just yet, but most is, and nearly everything will be ready by the Sale!! Have a look at our updated Fall Veggies page on the website to see everything we’re offering…

That should do it for now, friends.
We do hope to see you soon at the Market or at our Sale. 

Wishing us all Happy Fall Harvests, and as always, many thanks!

Jo Anne, Alex, Lalo, Jake
and (fostering, still) Charlie!!
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Friday, August 15, 2014

TDN Newsletter: 8-15-2014

Fall Scheudle and Remembering a Friend
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Dear Gardening Friends,
We’ve arrived at the Dog Days of Summer, and we’re coming to that “in-between” place in the Garden where it’s-getting-late-but-is-still-too-early…
Just this week, we’ve begun to sow the very first Fall babies. And I’ve ordered all the Garlic & Shallots and Onion & Leek Seedlings. We’ve got a dozen or so exciting New items this year including Golden Snow Peas from India, Purple Pak Choi and Red Turnips from Japan! The Fall Veggies page on the website will be updated soon to include all the new varieties. 

Fall Veggie Market Debut!!

September 20th and 21st
Annual Fall Kick-Off Sale!

October 12th
10am until 3pm at our Home Nursery
In Memoriam...
With great sadness, I want to acknowledge the passing of a very dear, 40-year-friend, Jeff Calcara…who in a certain way, most of you “knew” too. Jeff was the architect of our Two Dog Nursery website, which has now received close to 30,000 visits. Not a week goes by when someone doesn’t compliment the site for its informative and colorful content, but also for it’s ease of navigation. I spent countless hours working side by side with Jeff striving to achieve just that…simple, inspiring, user-friendly content. He also taught me how to create the variety signage we use at the Markets.

Earlier, we also developed the site for our other business, La Paloma Design, Inc. ( We had not worked on the La Paloma site for several years because of the rapid growth of the Nursery, but his work was always excellent.

But before any of us even had computers, Jeff and I became friends in the mid-70s when I was living in Encinitas and attending UCSD. We were both part of a music group, which I eventually managed, once “real” singers came on board. We were a very close-knit group, including Jeff’s beloved wife of almost 40 years, Virginia. Together they had a beautiful life and 2 truly outstanding children, and most recently, their very first Grandson.
Jeff continued with music, got his Masters from San Diego State, studied Classical Guitar with the world-renown Romero Brothers, did countless hours of volunteer service, was an absolute technical wiz and devotee of all-things-Apple!

Earlier this month he lost his year-long battle with Oral Cancer (which took my Dad in 2008), and his Memorial Service is this Sunday, the 17th, in Encinitas. I will be going to the Service, and Alex (excellent hubby that he is) will cover the Westlake Village Market by himself. We both will be in La Canada tomorrow, though.

During the last year, Jeff recorded these two guitar pieces, the second being an original composition (he composed more than 60 Classical works.) If you’re so inclined, have a listen, and perhaps send him a smile next time you peruse the Two Dog website.

Over The Rainbow performed by Jeff Calcara

Prelude in C, Composed and Performed by Jeff Calcara
That’s it for now. We hope to see you soon, and as always,

Happy Harvests!

Jo Anne, Alex, Jake & Lalo


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Friday, July 4, 2014

TDN Newsletter: July 4th, 2014

4th of July Sale Announcement!! 
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Dear Gardening Friends,

Suddenly, a SALE!!

Since Argentina is playing in the World Cup quarter-finals this Saturday, you know we’re not going to be at the La Canada Farmers Market!!  Sooo, it seemed like a good idea to have a 
4th of July Sale
this Friday…4 hours on the 4th!!!  

We often get calls on the legal holidays from folks asking ifwe’regoing to be open…makes sense… So before you fire upthe grill or head out to someone else’s BBQ, why not come by the Nursery and get 10% off everything you’ll need to make this a Happy Holiday/Gardening Weekend!!

We’ll be open from 10am until 2pm… Everything will be 10% off, including Certified Organic Plants, Soils, EarthBoxes and Smart Pots, and all Fruit Trees and Blueberry Bushes (YES, they're back!!)  The Two Dog Organic Nursery is located at our home:

914 S. Cloverdale Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Click for more details    

It really is time to get your Pumpkins in for Halloween, and those Heirloom Tomatoes which will carry you through the Fall and beyond….  We’ve been planting lots of “second rounds” here in our own Garden: Corn, Beans, Lettuce, Cucumbers and Tomatoes…it’s a very long season!!  We hope you plan to join us, and bring a friend!

Speaking of our Garden…

Because we could not have our usual Roof Top Tomato Trial Garden this year, we ended up growing 15 of the “New” Tomato varieties in our own personal garden. It’s turning out to be the Summer of the HUGE Tomatoes!!  German Johnsons are weighing in at over a pound, and Brandywine Sudduth, Gold Medal, Beefsteak Heirloom and Spear’s Tennessee Green are not far behind! Our kitchen counter is covered with these ginormous wonders! Here’s a photo of just one morning’s harvest this week… 

They’re not only big, they’re delicious!!  Another “New” standout is Zebra Rita (the “slightly larger, slightly sweeter” big sister of Green Zebra); WOW, this is one fabulous tomato…flavor, size, emerald color, yield…love it!!  Here’s Alex making the his world-famous Caprese for the whole crew last week.

We’re ready to plant our 3rd round of Corn this week, too. The Sugar Pearl White Corn is nearly all harvested, and I must say, everyone who ate it SWOONED
EarthBox Three Sisters…

Our Glass Gem Popcorn is going to produce tassels any day now. We decided to experiment with a Three Sisters in the EarthBox this season. We planted 6 Corn seedlings in each of 3 EarthBoxes, spaced in a “block”; then we planted one Pole Bean seedling next to each Corn, and one Butternut Squash in each EarthBox. So far, so good!!! The corn is tall, the beans are climbing, and the squash is beginning to vine out. Can’t wait to see how it all comes out!  If you’re doing a Three Sisters, we’d love to see your photos!!
Customer’s Photos…


“New Gardeners, Kelsey and Greg, are thrilled with their EarthBox tomato success!!”

“Long-time La Canada Market customer, Red Baron, devised a great way to “hang” his Organic Tristan Strawberries!”

“First-time Gardeners, Jeanie and Benny, who found us online, filled their gorgeous new raised beds with our Black Gold Potting Soil, Compost, Worm Castings and Organic Seedlings! Great job, guys!!
To Everything there is a Season…

At the end of May, we bid a Nursery farewell to our friend/fan/employee, Nitzia (on the right), who, way back in the early days, took not one, but two, of my EarthBox Classes, then never missed a Sale, and then one day offered her volunteer services (at the beginning of Spring, last year, when yours truly was about to tear out all her hair)…I’m not a big fan of free labor, so we hired her instead. Supremely organized, Nitzia helped me so much this Spring keeping production on track for Tomatoes, Peppers and Eggplants (the Big Three, which take so much more work than any of the other veggies!) She also completely re-worked our many, many Seed Boxes and the ever-expanding Sign Library. We miss you already, Nitzia!! (and I’m secretly working on a way to have you back next Spring!!!)
Wedding Bells for our Syd!!

Sydney Latimer, aka Mrs. Dalton, has been my beloved Assistant for more than 4 years. She’s a superb Seed Sower, my right hand at all things Administrative, a true believer in the Two Dog Mission, AND the very talented artisan who constructs our monthly Newsletter (I just write ‘em, she makes ‘em a work of art)!!.  On June 21st she married her sweetheart of 3 years, Anthony, in a beautiful, intimate ceremony which we were so happy to be part of. 

Many of you have met Syd here at the Nursery, and we’re sure you join with us in wishing her and her new hubby much happiness and love as they begin their new life together.  Isn’t she beautiful?
Well, on that happy note, I’ll close by wishing you all a very Happy 4th of July!! Please come on by the Sale if you can…we hope to see you soon.

As always, Happy Harvests, and many thanks!

Jo Anne, Alejandro, Jake & Lalo


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