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TDN Newsletter 02-24-18

February 23, 2018

Dear Gardening Friends...Spring is at the door! 


Our Annual Spring Kick-Off Sale & Food Drive
is just 2 weeks away!  

Mother Nature really threw us a curveball with this cold snap, but we're row-covering the thousands of Tomato, Pepper & Eggplant babies every night to keep them safe.  In addition to these super-popular items, we will also have Summer Squash, Beans and Cucumbers ready by then, too, along with Lettuces, Herbs & Edible Flowers!


The Food Drive aspect of this Event is extremely important to Alex and me. It's something we've done in our businesses for the last 20 years.  We suspect you might come buy Tomatoes anyway, but we hope the 10% Discount will encourage you to dig deep for the many Angelenos who are hurting; sadly 1 in every 7 L.A. households is "food insecure". Together, we can make a difference.  At the end of the Event, we personally donate 5% of the profits as our own monetary gift.

So, please help us reach our 2018 Goal ~ 

500 lbs. of Food AND $500 in Monetary Donations  
Please remember:  No Donation, No Discount. 

     *And since, unfortunately, it doesn't go without saying, please don't bring canned or packaged food whose "sell by" dates have expired. Thanks!

     *Also, if you're going to make a monetary donation, please have your cash ready or a check already made payable to Los Angeles Food Bank.  Note: we cannot "add it to your total". It will really expedite our check-out process if you are prepared ahead of time. We'll have a third Cashier this year, but you know that line can get long!

If possible, we would very much appreciate your paying for your order with Cash or a Personal Check.  The credit card fees really add up on a weekend like this!!  If you can't, you can't, but if you can, we're grateful!

If you have placed a Pre-Order (which is still possible to do), you may contact us to pick it up by the end of next week (say, Friday or Saturday). We will be preparing the Orders on Thursday, and once they're set, we really need them to go, as we are super short on room this year!  
Note: Discounts are only given the days of the Sale and do not apply to website orders.

Please, please do not bring your dogs to this Event.  We say this all the time, but someone inevitably brings their pup(s) and all Hell breaks loose.  Our boys are pretty territorial, so let's give 'em their space, please.

We hope you understand that this Event usually never affords us the time we would typically enjoy chatting and consulting like we do in individually scheduled appointments.  Last year, we rang up nearly 200 Sales over the two days...going as fast as we could, and still people had to wait longer than was comfortable.

6.  REFRESHMENTS & EXTRA STAFF (30% more!) ~
We know a couple of Cookies and someone to direct you can really smooth the day!  It takes almost 5 months to prepare for this season's launch, and we want you to bring your friends and have a great time.  


 Saturday & Sunday

March 10th & 11th
10am - 4pm
(No Appointment Needed)


Two Dog Home Nursery 

914 S. Cloverdale Ave.
Los Angeles  90036

EVERYTHING - all Certified Organic Tomato, Veggie & Herb Seedlings, Organic Soils, Composts, Fertilizers, Fruit Trees, Berry Bushes, EarthBoxes & Smart Pots, will be
10% OFF with your Donations!

Click here for more details!

Click here to see the full Tomato line-up!
Click here to see the full Spring/Summer Veggie line-up!

It has been a year since the L.A. Times graciously did this lovely article about us, and we're still reaping the benefit by the hundreds of additional customers who discovered us because of it! For those of you who came to last year's Spring Sale, which was a bit of a madhouse due to the publicity, please be assured we will have 30% more Staff working at this year's Event!                   

It's Time to Buy Fruit Trees & Berry Bushes! 

We've been stocking up for the Season, and now’s the perfect time to get your Fruit Trees & Berry Bushes planted!  We have lots of beautiful varieties available; our Strawberries are beginning to flower, the Cane Berries are leafing out, and we're bringing in another big batch of gorgeous Blueberry bushes on Monday!


That's it for now, Friends...

We hope to see you at the Spring Sale March 10th & 11th!! 
That's just 2 weeks from tomorrow!

Please plan NOW for your Food Drive Donations - whether actual food product or a monetary contribution - you'll be rewarded with a
10% Discount on your total purchase (plus lots of feel-good energy!)  

The need is great! No one should go hungry in this great city, and the way things look, it's likely to get worse before it ever gets better.

The L.A. Food Bank has been heroically serving our fellow Angelenos for 45 years!   Please click here to see more about their work and perhaps discover other ways you can be of help! 

Also, if you placed a Pre-Order and want to pick it up before the Sale, please contact us at 323-422-3835 to arrange a time.

Many thanks and as always, 
Happy Harvests!

Jo Anne, Alex, Lalo & Charlie


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