Friday, May 25, 2012

TDN Newsletter: May 25th, 2012

Two Dog Organic Nursery
May 25th, 2012 
Summer Solstice Sale & Berry Update 
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Dear Gardening Friends,   
The Berry Planets Have Aligned!! For the first time ever we will have the "Big Four of the Berry World" all at the same time! This weekend, we'll be bringing to the Markets Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, and the Certified Organic Mignonette Strawberries! They all look great and are ready to produce in abundance!

We will be at our Farmers Markets both Saturday and Sunday
this Memorial Day weekend, so we hope you include
a trip to the Market in your long-weekend plans!

 And speaking of Holidays...   SAVE THE DATE 
Wednesday, June 20th  

To celebrate the upcoming Summer Solstice, we're planning a Home Nursery Open House & Sale on Wednesday, June 20th from 10am until 6pm. No Food Drive this time, just a Sale with everything 10% off.
What better way to spend some time on the longest day of the year?

We'll have lots of new baby tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, corn, okra, pumpkins, winter & summer squash, green beans galore, melons, berries, and by then our Sweet Potato Plants will be ready to go!! It's the perfect time to get out your "second round" of the Summer wonders! And don't forget, if you want Pumpkins for Halloween, late-June is pretty much the deadline for planting out seedlings!

Of course, all the great products we sell will be 10% off , also: EarthBoxes, Smart Pots, Soil, Worm Castings, Fertilizers, Composts,Books, etc. So, take a long lunch, come with a friend, call in "happy", and join us for a fun day!
Street parking available until 6pm; please bring a flat or box for your goodies. 

Our location:    

914 S. Cloverdale Ave.  
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Questions? Call Jo Anne at 323-422-3835

It makes me wistful to make this announcement, (but I must as the business is just growing so fast)...we've decided to discontinue the EarthBox Planting Classes,  

with the final Class to be held on:
Monday, June 11th at Noon 

So if you have a Dad, a Grad, or a Wedding Party you'd like to bring, let us know ASAP as our space is limited. However, we will be happy to schedule Special Private Classes for parties of 4 or more, so call us with your ideas. 
But for now, the regularly scheduled Classes come to a close after 2½ years. We're grateful to all of you who have participated (beginning with our Big Bang friends at our first Class given in January 2010!) We've enjoyed each and every one, and we thank you for your sweet notes and comments, too!

Fruit Trees have been selling like crazy lately...Fuji Apples, Santa Rosa Plums, Gold Kist Apricots, Snow Queen Nectarines, Figs, Little Cados, Meyer Lemons... one of our new Westlake Village customers sent this photo of his lovely daughters having fun planting a Santa Rosa Plum...their faces say it all!! Good on 'ya, Dad & Mom, for bringing this experience into your children's lives!


We've finally received our Certified Organic Sweet Potato Slips!! I placed the original order back in December, and it was dropped from their system, then revived, added to, and then shipped when I still wasn't expecting it until a few weeks from now! Whew!! Well, anyway, they're here now, and Joaquin is potting them up into 4" pots so they can root a while...we'll have them ready for the Summer Solstice Sale, and also at our Markets a week or two before that.


We now have 2 varieties: Heirloom Bradshaw (120 days to harvest) and Beauregard (100 days to harvest). The price is $6.00 per plant; each plant should yield one pound of sweet potatoes. I'd suggest getting some of both!! I'll be writing a "Helpful Guide" to growing Sweet Potatoes soon, and it will be on the website by the time they're ready to sell.
As you know...

...we're big fans of Green Beans around here! Our Spanish Musica and Royal Burgundy are producing really nicely right now, and I'm about to cook up the first "mess of beans" of the season!! We often hear, "I don't know how to prepare them...", so here is the way we love 'em:

Harvest your beans daily & store in the crisper drawer of the fridge until you've got at least ¾ lb. of beans.  
Wash, remove the ends, and snap into pieces.
Saute some Garlic (preferably home-grown!) in Olive Oil. 

Add in the Beans and cover with water. Add Salt & Pepper to taste.

Simmer very low for about 2 hours, checking the water level (yes, 2 hours...this is how they do it in the South, except there they'd use bacon grease.)

After the first hour & a half, add in a handful of Organic Slivered Almonds and a good dose of White Wine Vinegar and cook the last half hour.

They will be fork-tender, meaty, earthy, and fabulous!! Honestly, I could eat these every day! We grow 5-6 EarthBoxes of Green Beans (different varieties) throughout Spring and Summer, planting the final one in August; this insures we'll have a nice big pot of beans every week!!


Just as a reminder, we do love receiving your handled paper grocery bags...they are the perfect way to transport seedlings with their tall sides and flat bottoms! Thank you very much!!

That's it for now; we do hope you'll plan to come to our First Annual Summer Solstice Sale, and we'll see you at the Markets!

Many thanks, as always, and HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!
Jo Anne, Alex, Joaquin, Jake & Lalo


Friday, May 11, 2012

TDN Newsletter: May 11th, 2012

Two Dog Organic Nursery

Organic Strawberries!!

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Dear Gardening Friends,

I know we wrote recently, but I couldn't wait to tell you that, at long last, we'll have Certified Organic Strawberries!! After searching for more than a year, we've found a source for the lovely, gourmet "Mignonette" Alpine Strawberries. Small in size, but "ambrosial" in flavor, these berries do not send out runners, making them great for small gardens, hanging baskets and borders! They are known for their abundant production, tidy appearance and excellent taste.    

The Mignonettes should be ready to sell in 2-3 weeks; they'll run $15 for a 6-pack. We'll have a limited supply, so if you don't want to miss out, you can pre-order (pre-payment required.) I can't wait to plant them here at the Nursery and in nice pots for my Mom!

Thank you as always, and we'll see you soon!! 

Jo Anne, Alex, Joaquin, Jake & Lalo