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TDN Newsletter: December 28th, 2012

Happy New Year!!!
December 28th, 2012


Dear Two Dog Gardening Friends,

We trust you are enjoying your Holidays and want to wish you a most wonderful New Year from all of us at Two Dog Nursery!! This has been a very gratifying year for us; sales were up over last year, and we met so many new customers. Thanks to you all for supporting us and telling your friends!

Our Fall/Winter garden is doing great (Above), the Roof Top Garden cover crop is sprouting nicely (Left), and thoughts turn to Spring as the days gradually get longer. There are at least 3 more chilly months ahead, though, so don't miss the opportunity to grow the fabulous greens, roots and brassicas that make up our local cool-season harvest.

We've got Carrots, Beets, Rutabagas, Parsnips, Garlic, and Leeks growing like mad in Smart Pots, and we've planted second rounds of Cauliflower, Broccoli and Cabbages in EarthBoxes. Our other 20 or so Earth Boxes are filled with 3 types of Peas, Lettuces, Spinach, Kale, Chard, Collards, and Strawberries (they go on for years!)

We'll be planting more Yukon Gold and Colorado Rose Potatoes next week, too. We've also got Borage, Chamomile, Johnny Jump-Ups and Nasturtiums growing here and there to encourage the pollenizers to visit!  


NEW at the Markets!

This weekend we'll have ALL our Potato varieties with us, including Yukon Gold, Colorado Rose, Banana Fingerlings, All Blue and Burbank Russet.  They're so fun and easy to grow in the 20-gallon Smart Pots. We'll also have all the edible/beneficial flowers with us, too. 

And in the fun-new-citrus department: we'll have Kaffir Lime, Calamondin (Philippine Lime), Australian Finger Lime and Algerian Tangerine (Clementines)!  


Who Wants Asparagus?! 

Like last year, we're taking pre-orders on "Farmers Friend" Asparagus Crowns. If you've got a dedicated space to plant these in, you'll be rewarded for up to 20 years with an annual Spring harvest! Please note: these cannot be grown in either EarthBoxes or Smart Pots...they need their own bed. Please refer to our Growing Guide on the subject, and contact us with your order. We sell them in bundles of 6 crowns for $12 and bundles of 12 crowns for $20. ALL orders must be pre-paid. We expect shipment sometime in the first week or two of January, and you must be able to pick them up and plant them right away - we bring them to the Markets in a cooler. Asparagus Crowns are only available this one time per year, so don't miss out!!  

We need your order & payment by Monday, January 7th!

Annual Charitable Giving Wrap-Up

This year, Two Dog was happy to donate more than $4,000 worth of Organic Seedlings to the California Master Gardeners, the Frances Blend Academy for visually impaired children, the Pommelo School Garden Program, Community's Child and various other great operations. We also collected several hundred pounds of food donations at our Spring and Holiday Food Drive events benefiting the L.A. Food Bank, along with more than $600 in cash donations. From the Annual Garden Party put on by the Windsor Square Hancock Park Historical Society, we donated 20% of our sales which equaled $375. Two Dog also made a $150 donation to the Red Cross for their efforts after Super-Storm Sandy.

Save the Dates!!! 

The 2013 line-up of 52 varieties of Heirloom Tomatoes is now complete!  We'll be bringing in at least 21 NEW varieties, including some Big New Reds, more Cherries, a new and very RARE Paste, and a BLUE variety!! Yes, blue... these new beauties are all the rage and contain large quantities of Anthocyanin (the same thing that makes blueberries blue!)


On this date, we'll announce the full line up in our February Newsletter, and for the first time, we'll begin taking Pre-Orders on the Website using Pay Pal. Tomatoes ordered in this way will be ready for pick up at our Annual Spring Kick-Off Sale.

MARCH 16th and 17th:

Our Annual Spring Kick-Off Sale & Food Drive at the Home Nursery!!
From 10am until 3pm, both days!  Get your Shopping List ready! Everything 10% Off (with your mandatory donation to the Food Bank), and at the end of the event, Two Dog will donate an additional 5% of the total sales to the Food Bank.  THIS IS THE BIG ONE!! Mark your calendars now!!! 

Well that's about it for now.  Do let us know if you'd like to purchase Asparagus Crowns...

We must have our Order COMPLETE BY JANUARY 7th.

Thank you again for a wonderful year; we look forward to gardening with you all in 2013!

Jo Anne, Alex, Jake & Lalo



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TDN Newsletter:August 10th, 2012

Food Drive Reminder &
A Special Thanks!!
Dear Gardening Friends,

This week has been a total race getting our application for the NRDC Growing Green competition in on time - by 5:pm TODAY!!

We'd like to extend a huge "Thank You" to those of you who emailed such lovely Letters of Recommendation!!  We were so touched by your kind words and comments of support... our customers are the BEST! There was so much to include, and only 10 pages allowed, so what didn't make it to the main submission will be linked to our Two Dog Blog where all the Letters in their entirety, Videos and Press are gathered.

The recipients are  selected in mid-January...we'll let you all know the second we find out!  Fingers crossed!!
Our Annual Holiday Nursery Sale & Food Drive is
THIS Sunday from 10:am until 3:pm. 
Let's make it a huge success as the need is great!

We'll see you soon!! Thanks, as always!

Jo Anne, Alex, Jake & Lalo