Sunday, May 11, 2014

TDN Newsletter: 5-11-14 Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day from Two Dog Organic Nursery!
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A mother is a person who seeing there are only
four pieces of pie for five people,
promptly announces she never did care for pie. 

~Tenneva Jordan

Dear Gardening Friends,

Spring rolls on like a freight train, and we rush to keep up! Wishing all our “Moms” a lovely day this Sunday, May 11th!

A special shout-out to the Gardening Moms who strive to nourish themselves and their families, engage their kids, share with their neighbors and inspire one another to get their hands in the soil!
Just a few announcements and a very cool DIY projectfrom one of our customers (and extremely ace P.O.S. consultant), Ryan Powell! 

Certified Organic Strawberries!!

This year, we’ve really struggled to have Strawberries (Organic OR Conventional) to offer. But we’re happy to announce we’ve procured another 288 tiny baby Tristan Strawberries (Certified Organic), and they will be available in about 2 weeks.

We’ve already begun pre-selling them, so if you are interested,

please contact us at


or see us at the Markets…
Certified Organic
“Certified Seed” Potatoes!

Russian Banana Fingerling, Yukon Gold, German Butterball (new!) and Burbank Russets have arrived!

Please see us at the Market to buy some of these little beauties; homegrown Potatoes are a cinch and oh so yummy!
You're Invited...

Spring Open House

at our Home Nursery on 
Sunday, May 18th, from 10am until 3pm

914 South Cloverdale Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Cookies & Lemonade will be served, as usual.
This is not a Sale, but just a day on which you can visit and shop without having to make a reservation (and it’s on a Sunday, yay!!)
PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT be at our Westlake Market that day.
Please mark your calendar and plan to join us.
Street parking is available

No Pets please.
Jake & Lalo rule the roost around here! :-)

DIY “Bean Wall”!

Our customer & I.T. Consultant Ryan Powell, Owner of iLifestyle, designed this amazing “Bean Wall” and graciously shared photos and instructions!

Photos and instructions

Items for the bean wall:

(3) 10' x 1/2" metal conduit pipe
(2) 90 degree (right angle) fittings
(2) 2-hole straps (to anchor the poles to the beds)
(2) packages 5' x 10' trellis netting
Zip Ties
Deck Screws

"Since I have a deep bed, I sunk the two pulls about 2' down to give it some extra stability then anchored them to the bed. I then cut the horizontal bar to the proper length and attached the fittings to make the connection. zip-tied the netting to the poles and done! Would have been a ton of money to buy a large trellis and this was maybe $30 in materials if I remember correctly."

Ryan also shared a lovely story of gardening with his niece:

"I planted my mom’s earth boxes yesterday. My 7 year old niece was over at her house so I let her take the lead at doing on the planting. She has a lot of anxiety issues and usually won’t be out of site of my mom, or her mom, but she spent a couple hours back there prepping and planting with me, totally relaxed. Such a great bonding moment. Thanks for your part in facilitating that!"

Happy to be of service, Ryan!
Other Customer News...

Congratulations to our La Canada customer, Judy Reilly,  whose dog, Velo, just graduated as a Certified Guide Dog!  We saw him progress since he was a pup!  

Good work, Velo!!!

Judy’s already training her next dog…
Good work, Judy!
A Word (or two) About Corn:


Many of you have place orders similar to this: “one 6-pack of Glass Gem, one 6-pack of Sugar Pearls”… Please know, that you MUST grow your Popcorn and your Fresh Corn at separate times!  AND you must grow at least 18-24 plants.  They must be planted in a block formation, NOT in a row… My Grandma, the Indiana Corn Farmer, told me to I needed a block of 10 x 10 plants. Pretty much none of us has the room for 100 corn plants, so I grow two EarthBoxes with 12 each, side by side, for a total of 24 plants.

Remember what happened to us last year with the 2 varieties getting fertile all at the same time??  If not, please review our 
video on the subject. Believe me, it was a huge amount of work. But in the end, we saved a lot of Glass Gem corn, (which happily is germinating at a 100% rate!!), and we had a nice harvest of Bon Jour fresh corn.  But had we not done all that Isolation & Hand-Pollination, we’d have ended up with a big mess of nothing!

My game plan for this season is:

First, 2 
EarthBoxes of Sugar Pearls; when the tassels form, I’ll plant 2 EarthBoxes of Glass Gem Popcorn.  Then when their tassels form, I’ll plant 2 EarthBoxes of Bon Jour.

This way, I won’t have a “collision of fertility” like last year!!  And we’ll be able to enjoy all of our 3 varieties.

The Three Sisters:

And don’t forget to try the charming “Three Sisters”! This is an ancient Native American companion planting idea utilizing Corn, Pole Beans and either Pumpkin or Winter Squash. You can do this with seeds or seedlings; just be sure your Corn is at least a foot high before you plant your Bean seedlings around them.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to grow this in an EarthBox!

Try Amaranth!

21 Days to harvest baby leaves; 70 Days to flower; 110 Days to seed. Heirloom. Harvest the gorgeous purple-red leaves for salads and soups; later the shiny black Amaranth seeds can be eaten as a nutritious hot cereal or ground into a Gluten-Free Flour. 6' tall plants.
Well, that’s it for now, friends. We do hope to see you at the Markets, and at our Open House on May 18th

As always, many thanks, and Happy Harvests!!

Jo Anne, Alex, Jake & Lalo

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