Friday, August 15, 2014

TDN Newsletter: 8-15-2014

Fall Scheudle and Remembering a Friend
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Dear Gardening Friends,
We’ve arrived at the Dog Days of Summer, and we’re coming to that “in-between” place in the Garden where it’s-getting-late-but-is-still-too-early…
Just this week, we’ve begun to sow the very first Fall babies. And I’ve ordered all the Garlic & Shallots and Onion & Leek Seedlings. We’ve got a dozen or so exciting New items this year including Golden Snow Peas from India, Purple Pak Choi and Red Turnips from Japan! The Fall Veggies page on the website will be updated soon to include all the new varieties. 

Fall Veggie Market Debut!!

September 20th and 21st
Annual Fall Kick-Off Sale!

October 12th
10am until 3pm at our Home Nursery
In Memoriam...
With great sadness, I want to acknowledge the passing of a very dear, 40-year-friend, Jeff Calcara…who in a certain way, most of you “knew” too. Jeff was the architect of our Two Dog Nursery website, which has now received close to 30,000 visits. Not a week goes by when someone doesn’t compliment the site for its informative and colorful content, but also for it’s ease of navigation. I spent countless hours working side by side with Jeff striving to achieve just that…simple, inspiring, user-friendly content. He also taught me how to create the variety signage we use at the Markets.

Earlier, we also developed the site for our other business, La Paloma Design, Inc. ( We had not worked on the La Paloma site for several years because of the rapid growth of the Nursery, but his work was always excellent.

But before any of us even had computers, Jeff and I became friends in the mid-70s when I was living in Encinitas and attending UCSD. We were both part of a music group, which I eventually managed, once “real” singers came on board. We were a very close-knit group, including Jeff’s beloved wife of almost 40 years, Virginia. Together they had a beautiful life and 2 truly outstanding children, and most recently, their very first Grandson.
Jeff continued with music, got his Masters from San Diego State, studied Classical Guitar with the world-renown Romero Brothers, did countless hours of volunteer service, was an absolute technical wiz and devotee of all-things-Apple!

Earlier this month he lost his year-long battle with Oral Cancer (which took my Dad in 2008), and his Memorial Service is this Sunday, the 17th, in Encinitas. I will be going to the Service, and Alex (excellent hubby that he is) will cover the Westlake Village Market by himself. We both will be in La Canada tomorrow, though.

During the last year, Jeff recorded these two guitar pieces, the second being an original composition (he composed more than 60 Classical works.) If you’re so inclined, have a listen, and perhaps send him a smile next time you peruse the Two Dog website.

Over The Rainbow performed by Jeff Calcara

Prelude in C, Composed and Performed by Jeff Calcara
That’s it for now. We hope to see you soon, and as always,

Happy Harvests!

Jo Anne, Alex, Jake & Lalo


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