Friday, June 15, 2012

TDN Newsletter:June 15th, 2012

Two Dog Organic Nursery
June 15th, 2012
Happy Father's Day & Summer Solstice Sale

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Dear Gardening Friends,  
Summer is almost here (so hard to believe) and it's time to celebrate Dad this Sunday. We want to wish all the Dads a very Happy Father's Day, with an especial shout-out to all of you who garden with your kids!! There are many of you among our customers, and we say "Good on 'ya!!" Spending time with your kids in the pursuit of homegrown food (and all the fun, planning, teaching, and discovering that goes with it) is a gift of inestimable value - one which they will treasure all their lives.

This beautiful photo was sent to us recently by Jared, one of our La Canada customers, and we think it sums it up perfectly! Here he is with his daughter in their garden...happy times!!     


 And with Summer comes
the Solstice...

...and our 1st Annual Summer Solstice Sale & Open House... (I know, I know, it's in the middle of the week, but I can't control the calendar!) If you're available, please come on over for some lemonade, cookies, and a 10% discount on EVERYTHING! We've got lots of veggie & herb seedlings, 50 new Blueberry bushes, and all that you'll need to get your Summer garden groove on.  

Of course, all the great products we sell will be 1
0% off , also: EarthBoxes, Smart Pots, Soil, Worm Castings, Fertilizers, Composts, Books, etc. So, take a long lunch, come with a friend, call in "happy", and join us for a fun day! 

Street parking available until 6pm;
please bring a flat or box for your goodies.

Click the Flyer Below for more Information


Finally, at long last, the Sweet Potato plants will be at the Markets this weekend.

As I mentioned before, the entire order was mixed up from the beginning, and what was to be a small order (enough for 4 flats of 4" pots) turned out to be at least double of what we ordered, so we've reduced the price to $4.50 (from $6). We're going to be planting at least 4 of them in our own front yard...can't wait for the Sweet Potato experience!! They need a bit of space, but if you can manage it, do give 'em a try!! And I hope to have a Sweet Potato Growing Guide on our website by the weekend. 

 We've just begun harvesting ourfirst tomatoes.  
 Our very early report is that Lancaster County Big Pink (above)
is totally living up to its name!
And Sunset's Red Horizon (above) is an absolute keeper!!

The Roof Top Trial Garden is going really well with LOTS of fruit set on. Stupice came first, and is really tasty and abundant, and the Super Snow Whites are nice and sweet!   


Announcing: iPhone Garden Reports!!!

We're having fun capturing our customer's enthusiastic garden reports on the ever-present iPhone. We're now uploading these videos to Facebook and YouTube and we will share a few in each newsletter.

Two Dog Organic Nursery: Garden Reports
Two Dog Organic Nursery:
Garden Reports from La Canada Farmers Market

Two Dog Organic Nursery: Garden Reports -- Karen & Bob
Two Dog Organic Nursery: Garden Reports -- Karen & Bob
of Westlake Village
I know, I'm always asking for feed back, but seriously... please... I'm not kidding... it is so very helpful to hear which varieties you'd want to return next time, and which ones not so much! This goes for everything we grow, actually. Please don't think your opinion won't really does! Thanks! And along with your comments, we LOVE to get your photos!! They might just wind up here!

Oh, and if you're planning on having Halloween Pumpkins...don't delay!!!

They need 100-120 days to mature! And don't forget about carving the name of someone special into the young pumpkin...remember our little neighbor (who sadly moved away) Dashiell? His pumpkin was a joy for all of us!!   


That's it for now... as always, many thanks, and we'll see you soon!!

Jo Anne, Alejandro, Joaquin (who's going back to Buenos Aires on July 4th!!!), Jake & Lalo

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