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TDN Newsletter: 10-20-13

September 20, 2013
 Annual Fall Kick-Off Sale Announcement!
plus some other Fun News!!  
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Dear Gardening Friends,

So here we are in the Dog Days of Summer...Our garden is slowing down and looking fairly ratty, and we've begun the seasonal transformation... We've had a very abundant season, though, and we hope you have, too! From the many wonderful comments and photos you've sent, we surmise that you did.  

Here are some photos of our Summer Harvests!  

2013 Winter Tomatoes are a hit!!

Our "Winter Tomato" line has been received with great enthusiasm, and we plan to have them available until the end of October. We're growing all 5 "new" varieties, and 3 old faves, in our own Fall Garden, each in their own EarthBox. We had great success this year growing them one to an EarthBox; we'll always grow them this way now, with the exception of Cherry Tomatoes, which we'll still double up...

The "Winter Tomato Open House" we held last month to kick-off this new venture was surprisingly well attended (especially for a 90 degree Wednesday)!! We're grateful to all of you who came out, and especially those who traveled the distance from our Farmers Markets locations, and even from Seal Beach! Thank you, thank you! Your support means everything.


Our Annual Fall Kick-Off Sale  
at the Two Dog Home Nursery  
Sunday, October 6th
 10am until 4pm

EVERYTHING - all Organic Seedlings, Fruit Trees, Berry Bushes, EarthBoxes, Smart Pots, Soils & Fertilizers 10% OFF!! 

Jake & Lalo will be here hosting you,  
and we'll have Cookies & Lemonade, too!

Don't miss it!! And bring a friend :-)  

Alex & I are proud to announce that the "Grow Native Nursery", located on the campus of the V.A. in Westwood, has come to us to provide their first-ever edible seedlings! In case you are not familiar with Grow Native, they are the "offspring" of the venerable Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. They employ Veterans in their on-site vegetable gardens, thus prompting their customers to ask, "Where are your edible seedlings?"...

Until now, like their parent organization, they have only sold Native plants, but beginning with their Fall Event on October 5th, they will be carrying our own Two Dog Certified Organic babies!  

In their own words, "Grow Native Nursery works with the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System to maximize veteran's opportunities in the sustainable horticulture industry. We are a not-for-profit nursery helping to support the conservation work of Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden." 

You can see their website here:

We so appreciate their Mission,
and we're looking forward to a really great relationship!!
Up Next: Potatoes & Garlic 

Our Certified Organic Fall Potatoes have just arrived, and we'll have them at the Markets this weekend!! New for us this year is the gorgeous "Purple Majesty" Loaded with anti-oxidant Anthocyanins, these are deep purple through and through!


And, we just received our Certified Organic Garlic & French Red Shallots! And great news: "Music" Garlic is back!! This extremely popular variety was unavailable last year due to an industry-wide crop happy to see it return!
Also, we were finally able to get "Spanish Roja",  
a very gourmet variety, after a 2 year wait!

They are so easy to grow in Smart Pots, and you can get all the details here:

Brassicas, Brassicas,  
...and some NEW Brassicas!!

We've just begun bringing the early Brassicas to the Markets, and with each  
 weekend, more will come. Popular Demand has never been greater, and we're so happy to see everyone gardening year-round!

A new variety we just discovered, which is sure to be a hit, is called "Rainbow  Lacinato"'s a cross between the much-loved Lacinato and Redbor Kales. We just received the Certified Organic seeds, and are sowing a ton of it!  Stay tuned!

We've also switched to a shorter "Days to Harvest" variety of Brussels Sprouts  called "Franklin" ... they'll be ready nearly 3 weeks earlier than our previous selection.
And our Pac Choi this year is a smaller variety called "Win Win"...the name says it all!

Customer's Corner...

We love getting your photos and hearing about your garden adventures!!

Our customer, Susan from Westlake, wrote us recently:

"HI...just wanted to say I was so impressed with the corn we planted...I loved seeing the cycle and how much water it takes to grow corn or everything else for that matter. Gives me a new appreciation for those farmers out there. Corn was so sweet...I loved it. Time for a new project!"

(This was Susan's first year growing in the EarthBox; she grew Tomatoes & Corn!)

Customer's Harvests...


(Above) Our Client Lydia's Harvest 
from a large project in Malibu

(Above) Customer Jaimelynn's beautiful daughter
harvesting Sun Gold tomatoes

(Above) Our Customer Beth has two strong helpers who are very proud of their new blueberry bushes!

Please send us your photos and videos! You could be featured in our next newsletter!

Well, that's it for now...
Do mark your calendars for Oct. 6th, and check out our  
"Winter Tomatoes" & "Fall Veggie" Website Pages to get your shopping list ready! We hope to see you here!

Thanks, as always, and Happy Harvests!

Jo Anne, Alex, Jake & Lalo

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